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To reshape calves and limbs.

The latest device that medical schools and famous hospitals in Europe use is the VELASMOOTH 2 (the newest model) for eliminating excess fat and cellulite, which operates by sending radio and infrared waves into the skin, and by extracting those unwanted substances at the same time. It is approved by FDA USA. The owner: CANDELA CYNOSURE is a worldwide cosmetic-medical company which guarantees that this device can be used to reduce fat all over the body, such as limbs, calves, stomach, and can even be used to build a six pack.

RF MULTIPOLAR is a radio wave generator to reduce sagging, small wrinkles, and getting rid of fat. It is superior to the common RF machine that only works Monopolar and Bipolar. It increases the capacity of fat destruction and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, making the body slimmer.
Homeotheraphy.An innovation that integrates eastern and western medicines. Sometimes, the skin has problems with overweight because it lacks the necessary vitaminsand minerals. Homeotheraphy provides this by pushing certain drugs, vitamins and minerals into the skin. It is different from mesotheraphy, which pushes a FDA USA unapproved drug into the face.

Q: Are there any medical devices that have been approved by FDA USA which can reduce fat completely?

There are medical devices, including substances that are injected into the body, which reduces fat completely. But there are only some medical devices and some substances that have been accepted by leading medical schools, and which have been approved by FDA USA (it is very difficult for any medical devices to be approved by FDA USA). The first and only one device that has been approved by FDA USA to reduce fat and cellulite without surgery is the New Velashape2, the newest model of SYNERON, CANDELA USA that Beautiplex has imported to reduce fat and cellulite in all parts of the body, be it arms, legs, armpits, stomach, calves, chin, cheeks, back, neck, etc.

Q: How is the New Velashape 2 of Syneron working? Are there any side effects? How is it different from liposuction instruments?

The New Velashape 2 of Syneron can reduce fat, unlike other devices that must puncture the skin and release waves to melt fat and suck out the fat, which often causes a wound-scratched skin after being stitched, and often causes rough skin like an orange peel, or needs to be fixed with a rubber band for several months, the New Velashape2 of SYNERON, CANDELA USA is using light waves, radio waves, vacuum, infrared and a massage system, combined together to get rid of cellulite and excess fat, and also for building a six pack in people who have excess stomach fat without any pain during the treatment. There are no scars or rough skin afterward. Moreover, this new model only takes less than 30 minutes for each treatment.

Q: Are there any other devices at beautiplex for reducing excess fat and stretch marks in addition to the New Velasmooth?

At Beautiplex, we have many methods to reduce stretch marks and excess fat, either by using medical devices and drugs such as Tripolar-RF, Ultrasonic Wave, Homeotherapy, mesotherapy, Microdermabrasion, etc. They are approved by FDA for safety.

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