Six Pack Builder : VELA2

The newest standard device that leading medical schools and hospitals in Europe use is the VELASMOOTH 2(the latest model) for eliminating excess fat and cellulite by sending radio and infrared waves into the skin, and by extracting those unwanted substances at the same time. It has been approved by FDA USA. The owner: CANDELA CYNOSURE is a worldwide cosmetic-medical company which guarantees that this device can be used to reduce fat all over the body, such as limbs, calves, stomach, and can even be used to build a six-pack.

Nowadays, it takes a week to get the intended effect after the Botox injections for general wrinkles, and about 4 weeks to resize arms or calves, but the New Botox technique uses a combination between Botox passed by FDA USA and FDA UK, which shows results since the first treatment. This latest technique is only found at The Beautiplex. There is also a special Botox for getting rid of fat in any body parts.

RF MULTIPOLAR is a radio wave generator to reduce sagging, small wrinkles, and for getting rid of fat. It is superior to the common RF machine that only works Monopolar and Bipolar. It increases the capacity of fat destruction and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, making the body slimmer.

Homeotheraphy An innovation that integrates eastern and western medicines. Sometimes, the skin has problems with effectively getting rid of excess fat and stretchmarks because it lacks the vitamins and minerals that help to eliminate this. Homeotheraphy provides this by pushing certain drugs, vitamins and minerals into the skin. It is different from mesotheraphy, which pushes a FDA USA unapproved drug into the face.

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