Pore, Acne Scars Tightening

Pores are the cause of unsmooth face skin, andalso the cause of facial pimples. They are one of human’s dreadful experiences that we’re sure everybody is familiar with. It is a renowned villain that has both direct and indirect impacts through your teen years. Along those adolescence’s struggle; what has been left behind are nothing but scars. However, they do not usually appear if you initially treated them the right way.

Beautiplex has Instruments that can treat them the right way are as follows:-

Laser Genesis 1064 nm. This has been approved byFDA, USA, to stimulate collagen and elastin production to firm the skin pores, as well as reducing acne scars.

Focused Scan Yag. This is the newest model that gets rid ofvellus hair, treats the black mark, removes hair, generates collagen and tightens the pores. It works more effectively than the ordinaryQ Switched, because the ordinary one can’t define the energy, so it causes a small papule, skin burn or white spot on the face afterwards. But those problems are not found in the Focused Scan Yag new model.

Ulthera. A medical device which has been approved by FDA, USA for skin lifting, new collagen & elastin production, tightening the skin pores and keeping them stable for a long time.

Homeotheraphy. It’s an innovation that integrates eastern and western medicines. Sometimes, the skin has problems with stimulating collagen production because it lacks the vitamins and minerals that help to tighten the pores of the skin. Homeotherapy provides this by pushing certain drugs, vitamins and minerals into the skin. It is different from mesotherapy, which pushes a FDA, USA unapproved drugs into the face.

Hydropeeling. Adrugs and oxygen high pressure sprayer. It is popular in Australia and Europe,because it can spray the vitamins needed in order to increase the production of new skin cells, get rid of dead cells (which are the causeof dark circles and wrinkles), into the skin. It alsostimulates collagen productionto make the skin bright, smooth and radiant,and to tighten skin pores, which is revealing new and younger looking skin.

Modified Medical Peeling. Uses medical substances that advanced medical schools in the world use to peel off the superficial skin layer easily without any side effects, in order to reform new skin cells, both collagen and elastin types, and also to tighten the skin pores.

Magnetic Pore This uses vitamins such as Transamine,Vitamin C and collagen to assist the skin to become smooth, bright, and to make the pores smaller immediately after the treatment.

Dual NT 650 nm. It works by wavelengths that removes tiny hair, and tightens the pores by stimulating the collagen production that makes facial skin smooth and bright; it alsoreduces dark pigment on the face.

Microdermabrasion. The new dermabrasion treatment uses a disposable diamond tip instead of using sand.

Treatments usually show visible result in less than one month, with continual improvement for 6-9 months.

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