Permanent Hair Removal

Let us introduce one of the advanced pieces of equipment that we use in our clinic. The CoolGlide XEO Laser System, recommended and approved by doctors worldwide,is safe for patients requiring hair removal, skin rejuvenation, vascular therapy or gentle treatment of benign pigmented and vascular lesions.
The Cutera, Inc. CoolGlideNd:YAG 1064nm Lasers are FDA-cleared for: Hair removal Permanent hair reduction Treatment of all skin types, including tanned skin Treatment of pseudofollicultisbarbae (PFB).

Hair problems alwaysdistract everybody, whether on arms, in armpits, or even private parts. It can be removed permanently with this Long Pulsed NdYag: XEO: Coolglidefrom Cutera, the world’s industry leader in Aesthetic Lasers. It is more advanced than using Yag hair removal lasers, which needs to be used often and cause more money in the long term, also causes pain, leaves black marks, and it can’t remove all hair types.But our equipment which is the USA-made, first FDA approved laser brandcan remove hair permanently, with guaranteed results.

This equipment designed to meet the strict criteria practitioners insist upon when considering an aesthetic laser purchase.This versatile machine has also a choice of heads to support three technologies and meet the needs of virtually any patient while ensuring outstanding clinical outcomes without any risks.

All the customers will obtain excellent results without pain in all cases of vascular therapy on the face and the lower extremities guaranteed.

The advantagesof Long Pulsed NdYag : XEO : Coolglide

– It is less painful compared to generalYag lasers.
– It can remove hair completely and differently from Q switched or IPL (intense pulsed light),
which can’t remove hair, and also leaves a burning side effect.
– Removal of all hair types, colors and sizes, in all areas of the body.

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