No more red

Reduce redness of acne and scars with a laser.

Q: Is it possible to treat redness on face and limbs?

At Beautiplex, we use Excel V 1064 nm of Cutera, USA and DUAL NT that can treat varicose veins on the face and limbs, and reduces redness caused by acne, red scars, and red birthmarks. It has been approved FDA USA(Food and Drug Administration of USA) for treating varicose veins, red birthmarks and redness without any side effects, such as black marks or burns afterward.

Q: Is it painful? Can we remove redness permanently?

All medical devices at Beautiplex are certified by Medical Universities all over the world that they can remove redness permanently. Most patients will not have pain or only a little pain during treatment. Moreover, the skin will be normal afterward, and the patient can work and continue usual activities immediately after the treatment.

Q: How many treatments are required to reduce redness?

Most patients can see treatment results after just one treatment for reducing redness. There are very rare cases that need 5-8 times.

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