Hypopigmentation, Vitiligo, SebDerm

vitiligo, white birthmarks, chloasma, and psoriasis.

Vitiligo is the most difficult to treat because it occurs when the skin cells die. It can’t be repaired, unless it is treated by a special laser called the Excimer Laser And Light, which is the only one of its kind in the world. This laser has a wavelength about 350 nm long, which there are only a few in Thailand. It is specific to treat vitiligo effectively, and it is widely accepted all over the world. After treatment by this laser, we will stimulate with laser genesis to produce new cells to replace the dead cells. Thus, we ensure that Vitiligo and SebDerm can be treated with the special devices at Beautiplex.

Psoriasis is a disease which a lot of people don’t understand, and it is misunderstood that it is normal dandruff or only skin peeling, especially on the nose, scalp, and eyebrows. It can never be cured completely and it is difficult to control. But the UVB LIGHT MAGENTA device has been reported in many medical journals for treating psoriasis as much as possible, and also for controlling this disease effectively, with almost no symptoms.

Q: Are there any devices to treat hypopigmentation, vitiligo, psoriasis, dandruff or scars?

Beautiplex has a device that is called EXCIMER which has a wavelength of about 157-350 nm, which is used to treat hypopigmentation and vitiligo, reducing the problem of scalp dandruff and psoriasis. The results are visible after 6-10 consequent treatments.

Q: Can ordinary lasers treat vitiligo, psoriasis, or dandruff?

The ordinary laser can’t treat those diseases, because it is very rare for medical devices to have a wavelength less than 300 nm, which is specific to treat vitiligo caused by dead skin cells or burn marks by normal laser. Therefore, the treatment is specific to Excimer only.

Q: How to notice psoriasis? And how to get treatment?

It is very easy. The symptoms of psoriasis are red skin besides the nose, sometimes skin peeling. If it is severe the skin will even peel off in large flakes. Some people are red and peeling at the eyebrows, the scalp or behind the ears, which is a characteristic of this disease. In the past, the treatment was taking a pill called Ketoconazole, but nowadays this medication is not recommended anymore, because it increases the risk of liver failure. Thus, using Excimer is the best choice today.

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