Facial Remodeling : Filler by Restylane

Cheek filling, chin filling or other body area filling, Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation.

New ULTHERA is not only the first and only one that has been approved by FDA USA, but it is also better than the former models, by reducing the size of the head, increasing the number of waves that come out each time to give quick and constant effect, compared to the normal model. It can reduce eye wrinkles, sagging of the cheeks and jaw for 2 years. It is more advanced than other machines all over the world.
Filler. Large molecules filler is used for filling deep wrinkles, or skin lines on the face, hand, arm, neck and other parts. You can do Rhinoplasty, Chin augmentation, cheek filling, chin filling, and other body parts filling.

Q: Is the skin filler dangerous?

Nowadays, fillers for the cosmetic that has been approved by FDA USA and Thai are very safe to use. There is only one brand that has been accredited by FDA USA, Europe and Thai, and that is Restylane from Sweden. But there is bad news about side effects from filler use, such as blindness, residues, asymmetrical face and infection. All because of using the filler that is not approved by the FDA mentioned above, or imported without the right distributor that stores and sells correctly. Or, strange brands of fillers from Ukraine, Canada, Korea, Russia, etc. are imported by distributors who do not have the necessary experience or storage facilities. Therefore, you should be careful and search for information about the doctor and cosmetic clinic profiles, whether they have been arrested or not, whether they are reliable or not. The doctors have to show the box, brand of filler, and unpack the filler in front of the patient during treatment, for the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

Q: What body areas can be enhanced by Fillers?

Anybody area can be enhanced by filler, like Rhinoplasty, which could enhance the nose tip like a water drop, Lip Augmentation, cheeks filling, orange cheeks making, nasolabial folds filling, wrinkles on forehead filling, below the eyes filling, and other parts of the body filling.

Q: Will there be a bruise after getting filler, as seen in some reviews?

According to by my experience, my patients never got bruises after getting filler by my own technique and skill. And my patients have not noticed that they got filler infection, but rather recognized that they are more beautiful and good looking.

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