Face Lift by Ulthera NT

The conclusion is that the New Ulthera is the most reliable machine to treat facial ptosis,do face lifting, eyebrow lifting, and reducing wrinkles on the face and the neck without any surgery.It is also the first and only machine that has been approved by FDA USA. In addition, if it is used by a specialist doctor who is an expert in laser treatment and who uses the amount of shots that is defined, without reduction to save cost, the New Ulthera will be the best machine for skin lifting. Nowadays, it is used to perform facial fat reduction, and excess arm skin lifting as well.

Q: Why should we use New UltheraNt?

Because the New UltheraNt is more specific to the area than radio and ultrasonic waves machine, and is also very accurate at delivering ultrasounds to the focused area. The principle is that those ultrasounds are converted to tiny amounts of heat that are specifically targeted at the areas between muscle layers, fat layers, and dermis layers. Through this process collagens are generated in those areas. It also sequences, repairs and regenerates collagen, connective tissue, fat and muscle.

Q: Does New UltheraNt hurt? Why does it not work for some people?

New Ulthera is more specific and uses less energy, so you will only experience little pain and will not feel very hot, like the old models. However, it won’t for some people in some other institutions who try to reduce the number of shots to lower costs offer to customers unlike what Beautiplex does for all its customers. We follows the procedure of FDA USA so all patients achieve the desired results of the treatment.

Some patients may experience dark circles below the eyes and get wrong treatment by filler injection and may have the side effects of embossed bruising. This also risks getting darker in the future. The right treatment by New UltheraNt will break the pigment of blood vessels below the eyes, which has caused those dark circles completely.

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