Depigma Laser program

Treatment program for freckles, blemishes and black marks.

Freckles, blemishes and black marks are caused by pigment and hormones working abnormally (or too much), stimulation by heat and sunlight, or skin damage. There are several types of blemishes such as hormone blemishes, deep blemishes, shallow blemishes, sunlight blemishes, blood vessel blemishes, deep freckles, shallow freckles, seborrheic keratosis, freckles in the elderly, dark marks on skin from sunlight or allergies to cosmetics. The medical devices or medical treatments that Beautiplex recommends are the following.

1. Focus Scan Yag laser is more advanced than the ordinary Q-switch NdYag, because it can scan the skin to set the energy and size of the laser correctly, this makes a different laser come out automatically depending on the darkness level of the skin, so it can reduce black marks specifically, reliably, and effectively. It also reduces other side effects such as pain, swelling, burns, black spots, and white spots, etc., which are usually caused by the ordinary laser which sets inappropriate energy for various black marks on the face. This is the first device in the world.

2. The Laser Genesis 1064 nm that stimulates the generation of collagen, increases the circulation of collagen, activates the keeping of excess pigment, stimulates the production of new collagen to be replaced in the positions that needs it on the face and reduces the dark marks, and the result is smooth and radiant skin.

3. Dual NT laser wave length ranges from 530 to 650 nm, which is suitable for capturing and cracking of abnormal pigment.

4.Homeotherapy. An innovation that integrates eastern and western medicines. Sometimes, the skin has problems with black marks. Homeotherapy pushes certain drugs, vitamins and minerals into the skin to treat the shallow black marks effectively. It is different from mesotherapy, which pushes an FDA USA unapproved drug into the face.

5. Modified Medical Peeling by using medical substances that leading medical schools use to peel the shallow blemishes easily without any side effects, it makes cream and pill treatments easy.

6. Magnetic Preuss vitamins such as Transamine, VitaminCto treat blemishes and freckles. It makes skin smooth and radiant immediately after treatment.

7. Hydropeeling Adrugs and oxygen high-pressure sprayer. It is popular in Australia and Europe because it can spray the drugs or vitamins needed in order to reduce the production of too much pigment (which are the cause of dark circles and wrinkles, freckles, dark marks, and dark skin), into the skin.

Q: What is Depigma Laser program?

Depigma Laser program is a program that combines many lasers to treat blemishes, freckles and dark marks. It consists of many types of lasers that can treat all kinds of black marks,such as the Dual NT that treats excess blood vessels of blemishes, including recovering blemishes marksat the same time, The Focused Q-Switched NdYag is more effective than the ordinary Q-Switched NdYag and Laser Genesis that adjusts the skin to get easier treatment for blemishes. We use lasers together for treatment, because of the different advantages and disadvantages of each, therefore Beautiplex applies and adjusts them to suit the needs of our individual patients.

Q: What is the difference between Focused Q-Switched NdYag and ordinary Q-Switched NdYag?

The ordinary Q-Switched NdYag leaves a white spot after treatment, or ends up making blemishes even darker, because of the non-specific high heat that is used. But the focused Q-Switched Nd has an energy scanning system, in order to emit the optimum energy for treatment, so it is quite impossible to get the side effects like as the ordinary Q-Switched NdYag gives.

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