BotulinumToxin : New Technique

A reduction of wrinkles around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, between the eyebrows, adjusting the face shape or reducing a flabby neck, which uses Botox, new techniques or medical equipment.

Nowadays, it takes a week to get the intended effect after the ordinary Botox injections, and about 4 weeks to resize the jaw or calf, but the New Botox technique uses a combination of the Botox approved by FDA USA and FDA UK, which shows results since the first treatment. This latest technique is only found at The Beautiplex.

Beside Botox, there are other devices that reduce wrinkles at The Beautiplex such as the new ULTHERA, which is not only the first and only one approved by FDA USA, but is also better than the former models, because it reduces the size of the head, increasing the amount of waves that come out each time to give the intended effect more quickly and constantly compared to the normal model. It can reduce eye wrinkles,sagging of the cheeks and jaw for 2 years. It is more advanced than other machines all over the world.

RF MULTIPOLAR is a radio wave generator to reduce sagging, small wrinkles that is superior to the common RF machine that only works Monopolar and Bipolar. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, reducing wrinkles, small sagging of the skin and makes the face younger.

Filler Small molecules filler is used for filling shallow wrinkles, or skin lines on face, hands, arms, neck and other parts.

Homeotheraphy An innovation that integrates eastern and western medicines. Sometimes, the skin has problems with stimulating body fluid secretions that generate collagen and elastin, which makes for smooth and bright facial skin. Homeotheraphy provides this by pushing certain drugs, vitamins and minerals into the skin. It is different from mesotheraphy, which pushes a FDA USA unapproved drug into the face.

Hydropeeling A drugs and oxygen high pressure sprayer. It is popular in Australia and Europe,because it can spray the vitamins needed in order to increase the production of new skin cells and get rid of dead cells (which are the cause of dark circles and wrinkles), into the skin. It alsostimulates collagen production to make skin bright, smooth and radiant,and to tighten skin pores, like time turning back many years.

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