Body, underarm, palm, feet odor and sweat reduction

We use Botox technique by injecting Botox under the skin to reduce or stop the function of sweat glands in the areas that have an odor. The effect lasts for about a year, which allows patients who have an odor problem to work and do activities with confidence.

Homeotheraphy An innovation that integrates eastern and western medicines. Sometimes, the skin has problems with bacterial growth in sweat areas. Homeotheraphy pushes certain drugs, vitamins and minerals which eliminates hyperhidrosis and body odor into the skin. It is different from mesotheraphy, which pushes a FDA USA unapproved drug into the face.

UlTHERA A new technique that does not only lift the skin and reduce wrinkles but also reduces the function of sweat glands that causes body odor and hyperhidrosis.

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