Acne Cure Light

Acne treatment and acne scars, including black marks, red marks, acne scars, embossed skin, several types of acne, such as comedone, inflammatory acne and pimples acne.

Most acne is caused by abnormal hormones and allergic conditions. It is not limited by age, so acne is a problem for everyone, from teenagers to even 40-50 year olds. Most acne problems that are treated with non-specific devices which has a low effectiveness take a long time to treat or the treatment is ineffective. But we have standard devices that are approved by the FDA USA, European and Thai which treat acne effectively, and with complete recovery; be it comedone, inflammatory acne, pimples acne or acne marks on skin, such as black marks, red marks, acne scars, and hypertrophic scars. At Beautiplex, we choose the devices to treat the problem specifically and reliably. We are ensuring that acne is not a difficulty or takes a long time to treat.

Medical technology that can treat acne and acne scars above consist of.

1.1 Dual NT laser wavelength from 400 to 650 nm is a device to treat inflammatory acne. It will reduce inflammation and kill acne bacteria. It is effective since the first treatment.

1.2 Laser wavelength 10,000 nm to get rid of obstruction acne.

1.3 Focused Scan 532 and 1064 nm laser to treat pimples acne, white and blackheads, including black marks caused by acne, and to resize pores at once.

1.4 Long Pulse Excel Vis a device that treats and reduces red marks caused by acne, and reduces the inflammation of acne.

1.5 Genesis 1064 nm laser is for treating acne scars without pain, and do not need any needles or heat that causes a dark face called Bronzing. Others device uses needles piercing the skin, which often causes side effects of black marks and skin damage, and treatment with these devices is not effective enough and too expensive. This laser is very different from normal lasers.

1.6 Homeotheraphy. An innovation that integrates eastern and western medicines. Sometimes, the skin has problems with acne because it lacks the vitamins and minerals it needs. This innovation not only provides this by pushing certain drugs, vitamins and minerals into the skin, it also reduces the risk to have acne and reduces acne marks. It is different from mesotheraphy, which pushes a FDA USA unapproved drug into the face.

1.7 Excimer Laser 350 – 400 nm this wavelength will specifically kill P.acnebacteriawhich is the cause of most inflammatory acne. The result is that inflammation of acne will be reduced, and that the acne will dry up.

1.8 Hydropeeling A drugs and oxygen high-pressure sprayer. It is popular in Australia and Europe, because it can spray the vitamins needed to reduce inflammation.

1.9 Hermetic Mask, is the newest mask to reduce the inflammation of acne which is guaranteed at the first treatment.

Q: Are there any laser treatments that treat inflammatory acne without taking pills?

DUAL NT and Laser Genesis have a specific wavelength that can treat acne without taking any pills or applying any creams, because this specific wavelength laser can reduce inflammation, kill acne bacteria, and reduce the acne red marks, after only a few treatments.

Q: Does the laser treatment hurt the patient?

Not at all, you will feel comfortable during treatment by Dual NT. Some patients who have pain because of their acne before the treatment will feel better after.

Q: Is it safe?

Usually, for laser treatment in this wavelength, we wear special glasses to avoid the specific wavelength laser. Therefore it is a very safe treatment.

Q: Is it possible to treat acne scars?

It is very easy, and effective to combine subcision with Genesis 1064 nm that stimulates collagen production after removing the membrane in acne scars. It is not only effective, but it also reduces the chance of blemishes and black marks called Bronzing. The treatment by laser wavelength at 1550 nm can treat acne scars effectively without any side effects.

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