Our Story

Welcome to Beautiplex, Anti-Aging and Laser Cente, aim to be the best medical center for the purpose of beauty, reducing weight, reshaping, anti-aging, facial treatment, and general treatment of body and hair.

When losing weight, maintaining a healthy body, or facing the effects of aging becomes a constant battle, Beautiplex doesn’t just have the answers – we offer the right ones! Based in Bangkok, our clinic offers safe, effective, and practical treatments relating to weight loss, hormonal imbalance, anti-aging, general medicine, and aesthetics services. Whether it involves hair removals, laser-like lipo, or body contouring, our specialists are fully qualified to provide such treatments with a responsive approach to ensure results that show and last.

From maintaining beautiful features regardless of age to sculpting the ideal figure, there are times when health becomes second priority just to achieve the perfect look. We believe nothing is worth such compromise. Beautiplex focuses on achieving self-improvement through healthy, harmless, and sensible practices.

Our treatments are administered by a qualified and well experienced medical expert doctor, fully capable in helping you reach your physical goals while restoring, strengthening, and improving your well-being inside and out. In addition to proper weight loss and aesthetics treatments, our center also provides personalized programs, each designed to match every client’s needs, physical or facial features, lifestyle, and other related factors. This guarantees that every procedure works best for each patient for a long period, complementing their unique circumstances.

Every treatment starts with a 1:1 consultation with a friendly and fully qualified practitioner to determine the best treatment plan for your concern.

Value, is a combination of price and quality. We invest in making sure that you have enough time to fully discuss your concerns with our Doctor, that we only offer the best treatments (that we would, and have personally used ourselves) , and ensuring that our staff are regularly and fully trained in a purpose built and safe environment.

We have all the wavelength lasers which are high quality that can treat all skin and beauty problems, those laser machines are world-class brands (they are used in leading international medical schools and hospitals) such as Ulthera, Candela-Syneron, Cutera with standards approved by the FDA USA for the ensuring an effective and safe treatment.

This enables us to be the final answer to all problems about beauty that everyone desires, such as treating blemishes and black marks, fat and cellulite removal, building a six pack, reducing stretch marks, treating scars, removing varicose veins and redness, curing acne and acne scars, Botox injection, “permanent” hair removal, getting rid of vitiligo, lifting eyelids, reducing eye tucks, adjusting face shape, hair restoration, dandruff and psoriasis treatments, filler, detox, and finally cosmetic surgery.

If you’re looking for the best possible results and service, rather than the cheapest possible price – you should definitely give us a call today. Giving you real value for money with our treatment packages and easy payment plans today.