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When losing weight, maintaining a healthy body, or facing the effects of aging becomes a constant battle, Beautiplex doesn’t just have the answers – we offer the right ones!

At Beautiplex, we believe everyone deserves to feel the confidence that comes with healthy, glowing skin. That’s why we offer industry-leading, results-driven treatments, and professional skin care products at affordable prices. Our treatments are only performed by our Doctor, who works with you to build a unique treatment program and create your best skin.



Let us introduce one of the advanced pieces of equipment that we use in our clinic. The CoolGlide XEO Laser System, recommended and approved by doctors worldwide. Read More

The conclusion is that the New Ulthera is the most reliable machine to treat facial ptosis,do face lifting, eyebrow lifting, and reducing wrinkles on the face and the neck without. Read More

Unsightly veins, blood vessels and other benign vascular lesions are a problem for millions of men and women. For some people, the issues are primarily cosmetic, however, Read More

A reduction of wrinkles around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, between the eyebrows, adjusting the face shape or reducing a flabby neck, which uses Botox, new techniques or, Read More

NewULTHERA is not only the first and only one that has been approved by FDA USA, but it is also better than the former models, by reducing the size of the head, increasing the Read More

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